A Garden and So We Tend It

This is a quick story I could have re-written a thousand times, tweaking and upgrading, but I published it the way it is here in my book Teach Love back in June of this year.

The emphasis of the piece is to point toward a vision of a future that includes all people, one sustainable by natural laws that is woven together by an energy of love.

It’s possible. We have the resources, the innovators, and the thinkers. We just need to decide we want it.

My writing often asks the reader to question what they believe in and challenge what we’ve been taught and learned in our lifetime.

I’ll ask you. What would be your most extravagant story of a world that is both sustainable and equally kind and include?

Here’s mine, I hope you enjoy my musings.

A Garden and So We Tend It

(a story from the future)

We live in a most beautiful world. A gentle and safe place. Nature, as we came to understand is part of everyone and everything we do.

And life, a garden and so we tend it.

There are hologram oceans and water falls in what you call hospitals and in the places first called retirement homes but now considered wisdom centers.

Most of us are able to heal ourselves, each other, or sometimes with the help of holistic technology that is part of the New Medicine.

Renewable sources of energy brought great relief to the planet because nature and man, after many years did learn to work with each other.

Food grows abundantly in everyones homes. We eat cleaner and smaller amounts than ever before. Our bodies have become fine-tuned processes and even more efficient than we first thought possible. It was a natural progression.

There are many style dwellings our people enjoy, built for functionality and aesthetic beauty. Some are similar, yet unique. Like us.

Art and comfort and education are always within reach.

Laws protect, though no longer hold anyone in social classes like the “old days.” People are free to become anything they wish because there is no ceiling and no jealousy and no more competition.

I say laws, but you might misinterpret. It is a common bond. A new mission statement, a universal understanding —of a now better understood thread of love that is us.

This world intrinsically creates an expansion of heart.

Communication expanded too, it includes thought and touch and gestures and smiles.

We’ve always had these of course, but now —we feel in ways that explain everything almost instantaneously.

This new way of living replaced territorial thinking with inclusive thinking.

Yes, our ever expanding new beautiful world is satisfying in ways some of our ancestors had tried to teach us.

Life is revered within all things. Our garden and so we tend it.

How beautiful the heart coupled with imagination has become, nothing less than miracle, nothing more than truth —we became pebbles in the stream of life.

We’re part of a garden and so we tend it.

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*image courtesy of UnSplash.